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how to setup c++

How to setup C++ In order  to write programs in C++ we need to have a computer a and then a set of tools that will let us build simple cost programs these tools of course is going to depend on which operating system you’re using sorry this video is going to cover windows but if you’re using mac or Lennix then just click on the screen and you’ll be taken to those videos because I made them as well all right sorry windows excellent choice because windows is the most widely used How to setup C++ operating system in the games industry now to rise a ++ card all you really need is just some kind of text editor like notepad for example will do fine however once you’ve written that card is a ++ as a text file we need to take that and pass it through a compiler to generate some kind of executable binary so that we can run a program so what we need at the very minimum is a compiler that will take that tax that we’ve written think about it into a program however we can do a lot better than that writing sequels plus isn’t the easiest task if using something like night Pat it’s really just going to not help you at all so what you can do instead is actually get a development environment something called an integrated development environment. How to setup C++


This is basically a set of tools that helps you write and debug your card in our case is 1 window is what I’m using something called Microsoft visual studio which is pretty much the best IT out that now don’t get me wrong it’s far from perfect but it is the best thing that we’ve got I’ve used a lot of different ideas and is by far my favorite visual studio How to setup C++ How to setup C++ has plugins that will help you talk at pretty much any platform like PC more bile consoles everything which is why it’s the most popular ID in the games industry so without further ado let’s go ahead and install that all right so here we have windows 10 How to setup C++ doesn’t really matter what version of windows you’re using we’re going to How to setup C++ basically head on over to visual link will be description if you don’t want to type that out when I click on download visual studio and we’re going to get community 2017 now visual studio community is absolutely free and once it’s downloaded we’re going to want to install that and installing visual studio will take a 6.  How to setup C++

Find tool

If you can amount of time so you might want to come back now this is visual studio 2017 which is quite a bit better than 2015 it’s a lot faster and has some pretty nice new features and it’s also going to be ID that we use for the entirety of this series now all this is happening I want to quickly mention that there is actually a plugin called virtual assist which I use just all the time I haven’t used for just your day without visual says for probably the last 2 years it’s amazing now does cost money it’s like I think it’s $99 yep $99 for passing license but if you do write a lot of card in visual studio I highly recommend it it’s amazing it basically just gives you a lot of features the visual studio is missing and I mean they’re not paying me to say that I genuinely love this little sis Sir yeah all rights images using this time as usual How to setup C++ now in terms of what components we want this issue to 2017 has a brand new install that has like a lot of things way more than 2015 the gist of what we really want is the easiest way to go through this is just to pick desktop development with C. ++ that includes pretty much everything you need we don’t need you know if universal windows platform development that’s actually that’s something cold you W. pay which is actually something entirely is something that you probably want to instill if using stuff like say shop I’m actually using that somebody stole that but all you really need to follow along with the series is going to be staples plus death of a man with a consultant you don’t actually need everything’s included in here like this has stuff like come to the list of same making 80 also form we don’t really need that but the easiest way again to so this is just a click on best of album with C. ++ and be done with it so we’ll install.  How to setup C++

Downloading and Installing

And now it’s going to start downloading and installing everything we need this will really take while all rights now the visual studio is installed let’s go ahead and launch it you can either click launch we can you know get rid of this and then click launch up to your services you dear I’ve been you know want to probably log in with your accounts this is just any Microsoft account okay and here we see the stock page sorry things that I like to get done out of the box I like to customize my settings and stuff like that for example in the tools options you can go and change to dock marred for example I quite like document as a color theme you can just go ahead and change that doc because he’s actually already loaded my settings it’s from the clout and everything now I said a visual studio the way that I like to use it including like the syntax highlighting fame and everything like that if you guys want to use the same settings as me How to setup C++ you can just go ahead and go to the channel home full size V. asked the link will be in the in the description and you’ll download this VS settings file once you’ve downloaded that file you’re going to want to put it into documents visual studio 20 seventeens settings and then just paste in that and then back in middle street here you can go tools import and export settings import selected varmints settings hit next just import new settings and more about exporting your old one since it’s a fresh install. Jena VS is the one you want to.  How to setup C++

1st program

Use and then of course set up any setting and all of them is really what you want the general settings it doesn’t on everything but I mean the fallout from the usually pretty good just hit finish and everything it should work now if you don’t have it all systems told you we might get some warnings I’m actually still visual says mind soul and then you know I read on this thing anyway he closed everything should be set up the way that I like it now so let’s just make sure everything works by creating a solution you can actually click on that’s a bunch of pretty templates I’m not sure what the future 2017 it’s changed a bit but basically we’re going to file new project. And then on the visual C. ++ on the general they’ll be a template called M. T. project when I select that operate anyway you like I recommend that you put it into your C. Dev I’ve actually made a folder for it insiders say Davenant’s A. P. series the reason How to setup C++ I don’t like having it here because first of all this pop is huge second will you stay in my case this pop actually has a space in it which will cause problems with some plugins for example some components of NVidia’s android plugin for visual studio actually just won’t work if your policy has a space in it Sir that’s already bad news also despite sitting you uses directory which isn’t really necessary so.

I like to have it just literally say deaf and then whatever my project is so this Casey pastries actually what I’m going to put it you can give it a name I’ll call this hello world will literally just going to ride a little hello world application that will print hello well to the console and test out our entire tool chain mail say there’s also something called a solution name visual studio has solutions and projects think of a solution as like a group of projects that are related to each other they can be various project types basically a solution is like your workbench and then each project is essentially How to setup C++ just a group of files which compiled into some kind of target binary whether that be a library or an actual executable sounds pretty good to me I’m just going to hit R. K. and we should be taken into our project all right now I like to have my solutions for on the left looking to do for now is Rachael consuls files hit add new item on. How to setup C++

The C ++ file which is going to call its main does he pay his ad then I’m going to type hash include iris stream. In this man. And then when they’re asked STDC out. How are wild. SAT and line. Yes I’ve been asked to date C. N…gaps and then I’m I right click on my project and hit build will have apple window shop and make sure that everything 6 stated that you can see that is generated a hello world. X. E. file which is an executable binary for windows and I can run it either by going to this directory in fact let’s take a look at this How to setup C++ directory. Hello world I. X. C. so we can either run it by How to setup C++ just double clicking it here and you can see this application hello world and for press any K. then welcome to press enter it will terminate all we can run it by just clicking on local windows debugger which will actually build and run it to the guy who actually debugging the card right now so that’s it for good application running we right now fast application C. ++ and we verified that out tools work properly if you guys had any problems with this or something didn’t go according to plan leave a comment below. How to setup C++

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