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Today I’m going to continue on our whole object oriented programming classes all that stuff and we talk about Constructors and safe C++ sorry what is a construct a construction is basically a special type of method which runs every time we instantiate an object so I think is best described with an example suppose that we want to create an entity class let’s actually dive into some kind of take a look 202 class here. Which has the truth ma’am that’s perhaps it has deployed acts on the floor why which is basically just describing the position of the entity if I try to create this and see and then perhaps maybe give it a print function so that it can output what it is into the console. I’ll just print facts and have a nice little separate a, this winter then why I’m instantiated Nancy here are and then I’m going to call the print function if I try on this card you can see that it will what however I get seemingly random values for the position on this and see and that is because when we instantiated this S. T. an allocated memory for it we didn’t actually initialize that memory meaning that we got whatever was left Arafat in that in that memory space well. Constructors Constructors

Memory use

We probably want to do is actually initialize the memory and set it to 0 or something like that so the opposition is 0 by default we don’t specify it will set a position in the future I want to make an in depth Article about initialization for classes and all that so I’m going to keep it break here another example is if we decide to manually print X. and Y. that public so we can go ahead and try and write code which prints out acts for example he don’t X. if we try to compile this card you can see that we get in on initialize local variable E. used error message so in other words this card will not even compile because we’re trying to use memory that has not been initialized this print function does compile hope it doesn’t work the way that we expected to of course because it’s printing X. and Y. however they are set to seemingly random values so we’ve already got a need for some kind of initialize action we need a way to every time we construct an entity we want to be able to set X. and Y. 20 unless we’ve specified some value so what you might want to do to do that is great and you miss Mathis talk random method called in it’ll just be void and it will just take the job of setting acts in Y. 20 now what I can do is when my NCS constructed I can call E. documents.  Constructors Constructors


And then if I try to print my about my values you can say that I guess 0 and then when I call prince I get 0, 0 printing meaning that X. and Y. such as there are wonderful however this is quite a bit because we written extra we’ve had to define this in this matter and every time we want to create an S. T. R. card it means that we have to actually run that you need to function that is quite a lot of extra card and definitely not clean 7 it was a way for us to run this initialization code when we construct an empty incomes the constructor is a special type of method which is basically this it’s a matter of the gets cold every time you construct an object to define as we define it like any other method however it does not have a return type and its name must match the name of the class if I want to construct a fantasy I just type in the name of the class which is NC I can optionally give parameters which we’ll talk about in a second what made it blank and then I can just give it a body and in this case I can set X. to be 0 and why to be 0 was while we can get rid of this evening’s method at a place called on him we don’t need to call in this anymore apple. Constructors Constructors


If I run my card now because if we get an identical results to what we had when we ran the unit method however now we need the United Methodists handled for us by construct if you have specify constructor you still have a constructor it’s just something called a default constructor it’s actually provided for you by default however that confronted doesn’t actually do anything it’s basically equivalent to this it does nothing so don’t think that initialize the variables adult in languages such as Java primitive types like install floors automatically initialized and set to 0 that is not the case in staples plus you have to manually initialize all of your primitive types otherwise they will be set to whatever was left over in that memory so very important you don’t forget about a slice actually going to talk more about initialization in a future Article on different strategies and ways to initialize memory correctly definitely check that out whenever I get around to making them let’s take a look at a constructor with promise like. And right as many constructors like 1 of course provided they have different parameters is the same as if I was running methods with the same name however providing different overloads for them said basically different versions of the same method with different parameters I’m going to add X. and Y. as a parameter here and I’m going to assign X. and Y. 2 X. and Y. Constructors Constructors

so basically I’m signing my program it’s up to my men that they are I now have the option of constructing entity with parameters so I simply ride whatever my I want I used to be such as 10 and 5 okay this explains and if I run this I should of course get 10 and 5 printing to the console like start all right cool let’s construct is pretty much covered constructors of course will not run if you do not instantiate objects so if you just use static methods from a class. 81 run we have talked about hate allocation yeah we definitely will in the future Article probably really soon but of course when you use the new K. what and create an object instance it will also call the constructor there are ways to remove a conductor as well if for example you had a lower class in which you currently have static methods instead for example I had my static void log here. Let’s call it something like rights instead and don’t be silly and I only wanted to allow people to use my cloths like Sir why did no one people trading instances there’s 2 different strategies for sorting that out we can either hide the construct of my making it private like sword you can see that I get an error here because I cannot access the constructor if I don’t do something like that. Constructors Constructors

You can see it all the C. allows the construction of this object because save us both supplies a default constructor for us however we can tell the compiler nor I don’t want that to full constructor and we can do so by simply writing log which is a default constructor equals delete and if you look over here we cannot scold love like this because the default constructor doesn’t actually exist it’s still it they’re also special types of constructive such as the copy constructor and a move constructor there will be several Articles on each of those because Dan rather complicated but the basic use that is what a construct is a special method which ones whenever you create an instance of a class the primary use for this is to initialize. Club to make sure that unifies all of your memory and do any kind of set top that you need to do whenever you’re creating your object instance of football so much stuff to couple Constructors Constructors

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